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Asian Medicine: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Qigong
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Meggan Baumgartner utilizes a broad range of traditional Chinese and East Asian therapeutic modalities in her sessions. These are grouped in various combinations in order to provide her patients with the most comprehensive care.

You do not have to be a patient of Meggan's to attend / participate in Qigong classes. Please contact the office if you are interested in Qigong classes only.

client receiving acupunture


This is the most basic and common treatment and some form of acupuncture is always included. Depending on the patient's condition, desires and the time available, this treatment may also include one or more of the following: Chinese herbal prescription, nutritional/dietary information, therapeutic massage/bodywork, visualization/relaxation techniques and other adjunct therapies (cupping, moxabustion, gua sha, etc.).

  • Initial assessment and treatment sessions take approximately 90-100 minutes.
  • Follow-up treatments take approximately 50-70 minutes.
  • Chinese herbs and additional modalities may be offered for an additional cost.

youth treatment with Meggan

Treatments for Children (newborn to 12 years)

Children can benefit from Asian medicine as well! One of the cornerstones of traditional Asian pediatric medicine is a very effective bodywork technique known as Pediatric Tuina. This can be performed by the practitioner, but is also easy for the parents/caregivers to learn and do at home. Chinese herbs can also be safely administered orally or topically for children and our clinic stocks common pediatric formulas. Treatments for children may also include dietary recommendations, adjunct therapies, and even a small amount of acupuncture.

  • Initial assessment and treatment sessions take approximately 50-60 minutes.
  • Follow-up treatments take approximately 30-40 minutes.
  • Chinese herbs and additional modalities may be offered for an additional cost.

Chinese herbs on a shelf

Herbal and/or Dietary Consultations

Meggan Baumgartner will talk to you about your health concerns and then, using traditional Chinese diagnostic techniques, tailor an herbal formula and/or dietary recommendations to you. This includes a full health history, assessment and written recommendations. No acupuncture or other modalities are utilized.

  • Initial assessment and consultation takes approximately 60-75 minutes.
  • The cost of herbs, supplements and foods is NOT included.
  • If the patient's condition is stable, herbal refills are provided for the cost of herbs only.

Upcoming Virtual Qigong Class with Meggan

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Qigong Classes

Meggan practicing Qigong

Qigong (pronounced "Chee Gung") is a Chinese word that means "energy cultivation" or "energy exercise." Qigong routines have been practiced in China for thousands of years in order to improve health and wellness. Many different styles of qigong exist but most utilize a combination of conscious movement, breath awareness and visualization. Meggan offers a variety of Qigong classes, workshops and presentations throughout the year. The qigong classes range from 3-hour weekend workshops to evening weeknight series. Meggan has been practicing qigong since 2001 and practicing yoga and meditation since 1998. She is a certificated qigong teacher through the Ling Gui International Qigong School which is based in Portland, OR.

Qigong Testimonial

As a Yoga and Tai Chi instructor I am keenly interested in Chinese medicine, but more importantly in the relationship and interaction of eastern and western medicine. In addition, it is important to understand the movements of Chinese exercises and what they are doing for one's body. To broaden my perspective I have so far taken two classes in Qigong from Meggan Baumgartner, Owner of Healing Point, LLC. What a wonderful experience. Meggan relates to every student in her classes and explains to them each posture of the exercise and its effect on the structures of the body. Her studies in Chinese medicine have given her the knowledge of the discipline, but her ability to pass that knowledge and benefit on to the participants is more than a learned response. It is her true love of career that benefits the activity and her natural ability to instruct others that makes attending her classes the most positive and enjoyable experience of learning. To enhance my health and help me to understand Chinese exercises and be a better instructor I plan on attending many more of Meggan's classes.
— Qigong student


As of January 1, 2022

Acupuncture / Asian medicineInitial visit - $205
Follow up visit - $145
Each additional 15 min - $25
Herbal / dietary consultConsultation - $135
Herbs – additional cost
Asian medicine for childrenInitial visit - $125
Follow up visit - $95
Chinese herbsCosts vary
Qigong classesCost depends on class length
Discount and termsApply accordingly (see below)

Credit Card charges will accrue a $5 processing fee.
Checks and Cash payments appreciated. Cash must be in exact change, as there is no cash on site to provide change.


  • Senior Citizen / Student Discount (with valid ID): Seniors and students take $10 off any service over $60.
  • Moscow Food Co-op Member Discount: $10 off the 1st and 2nd individual treatments. (We offer this as part of the Co-op's Business Partner Program.)
  • Refer your friends and family and save! Receive a $10.00 coupon for every new referral.

** Discounts can not be combined and do not apply to classes or herbs.

  • Payment in full is due at time of service. We accept cash, check, Mastercard and Visa.
  • The cost of herbs is never covered by insurance companies, regardless of acupuncture coverage.
  • We reserve the right to charge for appointments cancelled without 24 hours advance notice.
  • We charge in full for "no show" or missed appointments. Please let us know ahead of time if you are unable to make it to your scheduled appointment.
  • We charge a $25 fee for each returned check. After a 3 month grace period, all unpaid balances are subject to a 12% annual interest rate (1% per month).
  • Any unpaid balance must be paid for before another appointment can be scheduled. If the payment is made with a check, the check must clear before additional scheduling can occur.
  • All prices and discounts are subject to change.
  • Gift certificates are available. Please contact us in advance so we can have it ready for you to pick up.

Meggan is NOT contracted (i.e., is not a preferred provider) with any insurance companies. Therefore, we do not bill insurance directly for you if your plan covers acupuncture. If you have acupuncture benefits, please plan to pay at time of service. We will provide you with a specialized receipt in order to submit for reimbursement directly from your insurance company. Some (but not all!) health insurance plans provide coverage for acupuncture and related modalities. To find out if you have acupuncture coverage for a non-contracted provider, please call the customer service number on your insurance card.

Additionally, please note:

Any HSA (Health Savings Account) or FLEX medical savings account can be used to pay for for acupuncture services.

Many auto accident insurance policies and worker’s compensation policies will cover acupuncture.

The VA will cover acupuncture as long as there is a referral from one of their medical providers.

Neither Medicaid nor Medicare cover acupuncture services.

The cost of herbs is never covered by insurance.

It is ultimately your responsibility to know your plan's coverage.